The bedroom is a personal space. It must appeal to personal tastes. It is important to have a good layout that combines a peaceful environment and functionality,

Scandinavian, ethnic, modern design, vintage, chic, stripped back…Choose your style and we will help you to choose colours and materials.

We have a wide range of furniture and accessories offering endless options for personali-sation.


We have an extensive collection in both muted light and dark colours. They are available in all heights and lengths. Fabrics are selected for their quality feel.


Whether wall-mounted or free-standing, with or without storage, bedside tables from the CK INTERIEUR range are both functional and pleasing to the eye.

Wood, glass and metal are blended harmoniously to create the calming atmosphere essen-tial to the bedroom environment.

Our push-to-open, soft-close drawers are practical and silent to use.


Chests of drawers, wardrobes, chiffonniers, we have a selection of bedroom storage units that are under-stated and stylish. It helps you to switch off when you need to in a space dedicated to sleep.

The elegant chrome, brushed steel and wooden handles are little details that make all the difference when creating a unique, cosy bedroom.

We can also make your cupboards and walk-in wardrobes to measure, in the materials and colours you like!

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