We work in collaboration with artists to make your interior unique and enhance your spaces.

An art work can be an original way of injecting energy into your rooms and creating atypi-cal spaces.

Thanks to our network of artists you can purchase paintings and sculptures to add to the vibrancy of your interior. We advise you to choose works that evoke emotion and create the feeling you want for your home.


The birthplace of Jean-François’s universe is a beach in Cap-d’Ail between Nice and Mon-aco where he has gone every day since childhood to swim for over 2 hours a day, in all sea-sons. From this ritual, Le Penseur (the Thinker) was born. Little by little the mass of metal grasped in his hands in a metal workshop brought his ideas to life. In parallel, his search led to a symbiosis of metals spread over other mediums to create depth and transparency.

These creations breathe life into their materials, thus showcasing them more effectively. The purity of their forms evoke the nature of existence. His sculptures have become iconic throughout the Côte d’Azur and can be found right along its seafronts, such as at l’Hôtel du Negresco in Nice, la galerie Ferrero, la promenade des Anglais, l’hôtel de la Vague de St Paul, la Chèvre d’or d’Eze but also on the seafront promenade in Cagnes-sur-Mer, and many other places.



Marion Bürklé is an artist, sculptor and architect of the female body. Her sculptures are made from bronze and high-resistance epoxy/carbon. Her female nudes are characerised by their perfect curves, clear lines and bewitching forms. The powerful sensual presence of the work exemplifies the artist’s approach to her favourite theme: “The Eternal Woman” Marion Bürklé’s works offer as many viewpoints as there are points in the sur-rounding space, an escape within the confines of a surprising, voluptuous femininity.