Feng shui philosophy has shown us that our living space influences our mood and energy.

It is often the extra detail that gives a home its originality and charm!


Often neglected, good lighting enhances your décor, creates a warm atmosphere and im-proves your visual comfort. Given the increasing emphasis on the design of light fittings and the widespread use of low-energy light bulbs, this has become a key feature in interior décor.

The ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps and standard lamps in our range are functional and designed in a minimalist, stripped-back style.

Galvanised metal, bronze, glass, steel and brass are used to give a designer look to your interior décor.


We have chosen manufacturers of cushions and textiles who stand out thanks to their use of a range of patterns and colours, combining quality and aesthetic appeal. They are con-stantly updating their ranges and these textiles are always on-trend.

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