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CK Interieur cuisine

Interior Design Company

CK INTÉRIEUR is first and foremost an interior design company offering both interior design and the furnishings to make it happen!
We don’t just offer a variety of contemporary and elegant furniture, we provide all the services required to achieve a State-of-the-Art interior design of the highest level.
We begin with a full and detailed study of our clients’ interior design plans and involve qualified engineers and contractors.
In order to achieve the highest quality interiors for our clients, CK INTÉRIEUR has selected an exclusive Italian kitchen manufacturer and the best suppliers of Scandinavian brands. Our partners were chosen for their elegant designs and their wide range of colour choices and materials.
Our emphasis is on understanding and meeting your highest expectations with comprehensive discussions throughout.  We listen to your project ideas and bring them to life. CK INTÉRIEUR can find the complete interior design solution for your lounge, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and the exterior living areas.


CK INTÉRIEUR furniture selection is essentially based around richly diverse materials and colours. This allows us to respond to a wide range of
clients’ expectations.
We also place a high emphasis on the quality, aesthetics and « savoir-faire » of the brands we represent. This we do without omitting timeless interior style in order to naturally integrate our collection into your existing interior.
Importantly, our home accessory selections are carefully chosen to enhance the beauty of your home.
Look no further!  The best convertible sofas, the most comfortable armchairs, and designer garden furniture are all found here.


You want to change your furniture, or test your decorative inspiration! Rejuvenate your interiors by moving the furniture, and changing the colours, basic decorating coaching.  We are here to listen, advise, assist and offer you the best solutions suited to your budget.


You wish to change a piece of furniture or embrace the challenge of a total interior renovation project. The first step of our interior study is to listen to your needs. This stage is vital in order for the team to clearly understand your demands and find the perfect solution.
Having an idea of the end result is a good starting point, but achieving that end result requires a comprehensive study of many elements such as a balance of colour, volumes, and where furniture and items are placed. We undertake this study while taking into consideration the light, the natural restrictions within your interior.
Visiting your home allows us to feel the energy within and understand the volume available. From there we can offer you the best interior design solutions.
We often work from plans where new projects or renovations are underway. Our team is ready and available for any type or scale of project with coaching services supplied within your budget!


The kitchen is the most technical room of a home and to achieve the perfect layout, requires knowledge and experience with many aspects. It is also a non-finished product that needs to be assembled and coordinated with qualified contractors. A stunning kitchen is not only due to the quality of the furniture, but also the logistics and management of the team of expert electricians, builders, carpenters.
Ck INTÉRIEUR has 15 years of experience in this field and will provide the best solutions for the perfect installation. This means, of course, respecting the given schedules and deadlines. We have selected an exclusive Italian manufacturer based in Venice who uses the latest technologies and innovations in the kitchen market. We offer a very wide range of solutions, from a simple fee solution for rental properties to the most elegant solutions for stunning homes.


To evaluate the potential decoration of a room, taking precise measures is essential. This is essential for consistency throughout the project and enables us to anticipate eventual technical obstacles leading to a smooth installation.


A mood board is a wonderful tool used by interior designers that allow clients to view the end result of their new home. It is the essence of the designer’s creativity. Usually, we use visuals of samples, colours, furniture, lightings, home accessories with written comments to support the designer’s choice with the given brief. Scaled plans are attached to this creative palette to help you visualize the volumes and circulation of your new interior.


For any renovation work, or for a new kitchen layout, you need to find a team that you can trust.
Our motivation is to listen carefully in order to understand your needs and lifestyle. Drawing a scaled plan is the next step after taking measurements or work on your given plans. We then use our professional computer software and start the creative step. This is all about placing volumes with furniture and architectural modifications. Once all the details of the interior are designed in the software, we produce 3D perspectives that help you visualize in volume the scaled plans.


Improving your home may require renovation work for. You need to change the floors, the lights and electric items, modify the interior layout or change the function of a room.
CK INTÉRIEUR has selected a team of skilled contractors including electricians, plumbers, tilers, carpenters who are dedicated to their job. We also adapt our services to your chosen team working in harmony with our technical plans. Whatever the case, we are fully committed to respect the given schedule and manage the project through to completion.


Nous sommes à votre disposition pour tous conseils et projets

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